Dec. 17th, 2010

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Quick furconz review:
- Managed to take lots of anti-histamines. I think I ended up halucinating once or twice. The sunglasses I wore most of the time helped with my eyes a bit!
- Didn't get drunk. Woo.
- Food was good. Ended up with sirlion steak, spaghetti bolagnase, mild chicken curry for dinners. Sandwiches etc for lunches and some stuff I forget for breakfast.
- Hookahs are awesome. Depressed people getting drunk and trying to steal booze, me twinging my shoulder trying to keep them from stealing said booze is not. DRAMA.
- Went kayaking and on a ~4 hour hike. Those were awesome.
- Redtail decided to rope a bunch of people into building a raft using 2x4s and 40 gallon barrels to make a raft in the pool below the water falls as fun to watch.
- Managed not to get sunburnt, applied lots of sunscreen!
- Singstar was fun, Sunday night.
- Spent Friday running around before the con picking stuff up, loading stuff etc. Again, had lots of time to setup Friday evening. Stood around for a few hours waiting till the 'con opened XD
- RAGE BEATLES. Damn huhu grubs.
- Picked up some thinkgeek shirts at the 'con. The XKCD "Im about to do SCIENCE" shirt and a "cd /pub" shirt. Also picked up some commisions. (below)
- Saw a whole bunch of people I hadn't seen since last year! Good to see you all again. Hopefully will get to see some of you again before next years. XD
- Was completely wiped out Monday/tuesday! I ended up having muscle lag, I would go to move a limb and it would take a second for said limbs to move. That was weird.
Final attendance: 66
Full registrations (staying at the Lodge over the weekend): 65
Day passes: 1

And more even more statistics:
Oldest attendee: 43 years old
Youngest attendee: 16 years old
Average age of our attendees: 25 years old
Male attendees: 53
Female attendees: 13

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