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"Looks am fleetings. Im nots some shallow dildos whats only cares about tits.."
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Yaaay new metalocalypse!
METAL \m/ \m/
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It's only monday and i'm already pissed on mostly cheap beer and not having dinner. Hai teh sux0rz week.
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Also btw, that "weird force" pulling the NASA probes? That shit is 8 years old, lrn2internets.


Sep. 21st, 2010 06:57 pm
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So angry.. some at myself, some at one other person.. some at another person..
Not sure what to do..
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I think I spend too much money on beer.

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In case anyone cares, im fine. Christchurch is down in the south island, im in Hamilton. Didn't feel a thing.
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I'm a silly #spotkat. I forgot that spotcats are supposed to be loners..
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So, long story short, ended up moving apartments in a single day. Moved from a studio apartment to a single bedroom place, my bedroom is about as big as the old apartment!
It's $95 a week more than the old place, but it's definitely an improvement!

Still waiting for my ISP to hook up the DSL, should be hooked up tomorrow afternoon..
Otherwise got 3G internets or this handy linksys ssid thing. (Got a directional antenna plugged into a laptop, which has the ethernet bridged to my own AP.. ;)


Aug. 15th, 2010 11:10 pm
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Blarg at life.
Going to bed in empty apartment next to mine, because carpter blower dryer thing makes too much noise (got key from landlord while it's going) then work tomorrow morning after the plumber comes in to fix that leaky pipe properly.
Ended up staying at home all weekened, which in retrospect was a bad idea, feeling all depressed now. :(
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One advantage of VPSs..

You don't have to shut them down when the hot water pipe in the bathroom leaks and soaks through the wall, into the rest of the room (studio apartment), and soaks the carpet that the server is sitting on..

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No beer since thursday.. feeling blah.. but no shakes or DT's, yaay.

Bought a paper shredder, because I didn't have one.
Bought some new clothes last weekend as well..

STILL waiting on my HTC Desire.. will be another week before they can probably ship it to me from the UK.. bah, want new shiney!

Also went out to dinner at Tanuki with friends and [ profile] lyctiger  . Apparently fish/seafood is less effort to cook, so I had to wait ages for food that I could eat to arrive.


Apr. 20th, 2010 10:02 pm
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Sooo, it's been a while since my last LJ update..

So I've sort of, but not really been seeing this guy in Auckland.. Various awkward/frustraty things going on there.

Today we heard (company wide) that a coworker offed himself last night. Said coworker lived in the apartment next to me. He moved up to Auckland (Biggest city in NZ, ~ 1.5 hours drive north) ~2 weeks ago after saying that he hated Hamilton. (After living in the apartment next to me for a year or so..)
(Like me, he would go up to Auckland every weekend and i'd see him coming back on Monday mornings).
Funny tho (Or creepy) that when I came home for lunch there was someone cleaning his apartment. Then an hour later I heard about his death.

Funny how the universe works out...
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Have some more Zombie jesus lolz..
St Matthews billboard with an easter message defaced.

But not by those pesky atheists, oh no.. Just like last time, it was christians that went and vandalised a (christian) religious billboard..

(spray painting over it and leaving a message: "John 3:16")

Previously.. Billboard depicting Mary, Joseph in bed defaced.

What is wrong with these people? Oh, that's right, they're crazy.
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Hamburger time!
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[ profile] zeborahnz :
"And I am so not an evangelist for so many reasons, one of which is that I'm pretty sure anyone I'm ever likely to meet has probably already heard about God/Christ's name, and if they don't already adore it then me telling them about it yet again is just going to make them even more sick of it."

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Oh, anyone have a dreamwidth invite? After all this dodgy affiliate link stealing crap LJ has pulled, I think i'll move over to DW. Although, not that I post much here anyway. I might look at setting up a wordpress blog on my Linux VPS and cross posting or something.. EDIT: Got one, thanks [ profile] unmutual
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So apparently skeleton racers (like luge, but they lie forward/face down) can do over 1.1KM/SEC.


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