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 The growing popularity of psychics, healers and mediums in a Waikato town has the traditional church concerned, writes Kate Monahan.

Some choice quotes..:

"They warned people of "dabbling with potentially deceptive psychic influences," and the dangers of seances, mediums, channelling and attempting to contact spirits which "can have very difficult and disturbing consequences for people"."

Catriona Gillingham has managed the bookshop for five years, and is concerned about aspects of spiritualism on offer at store like Inspirations.
"I get a little bit concerned when people are seeing the dead," she says.
She is especially worried about the youth. "I know a lot of young people have been into Wicca, which is all about white magic and spells and potions," says Gillingham.
"They start off quite innocently, doing spells, then get deeper and deeper into something they don't understand, the spirit world, and people can get into depression when they seek answers they don't find."

"I think it's deceptive really, that's my personal opinion. They start with the impression they are trying to help. I think the Ministers' Association was right to warn people, especially with our youth, they are easily influenced, but people are entitled to their own views."

"I said a prayer with them and prayed they would be at peace. I said they need not dabble in things unknown to them."

"Faith is important (these days). I believe it is. For young people, when they are dabbling in things they are not finding the answers in the transitory things in life, but they are wanting to look deeper. Faith gives their lives that added dimension."

Like they arn't all the same damn thing anyway..
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"Porn-again christians turn to software"
New Zealand churches are targeting internet pornography with new software that allows porn addicts to electronically monitor and support each other.
The move comes on the heels of an American survey that showed 50 per cent of Christian men and 20% of Christian women were addicted to pornography.

ZOMG GG guys.
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New Zealand is NOT a christian nation, despite what Brian Tamaki and his stupid "church" say..
Last year's census showed that New Zealand is 51.2 percent Christian, with other religions combined adding up to just 5.1 percent, and 32.2 percent of those who took part declaring that they had no religion.

Religious studies would tech society's diversity.
Members of the New Zealand delegation at the third Asia Pacific Interfaith Dialogue in Waitangi said religious studies - as opposed to religious instruction - could be incorporated into the social studies curriculum or run as a subject in its own right.
But the suggestion is sure to fuel controversy about the place of religion in the state education system and comes amid debate about whether New Zealand is a Christian or secular nation.

It came a day after Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki and 2000 followers rallied outside the forum to protest over a New Zealand statement of religious diversity which said the country had no "established or official" religion.

Now there's an idea I support..
(The religious studies one.. and the "no established/official religion" part, too)
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No taxes on $4M parsonage..
Detroit World Outreach Church isn't apologizing. In fact, members say the mansion is proof God has blessed them.
The 4,000-member church is part of a growing movement that preaches prosperity. Also known as "health and wealth" theology, the ideology preaches that God wants followers to do well, be healthy and have rewards -- such as the $50,000 Cadillac Escalade the church bought the Giberts, who have four children.

Wow.. GG.
I thought Jesus was all about giving your stuff away, helping out the poor, etc.. But I guess I was Wrong!


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