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Welp, with the new TOS update, (Section 9.2.8) you can't be the LGBTQ or post anything about the LGBTQ's on LJ, so importing everything to DW and then deleting all the posts except this one.
(Remember, it's basically illegal to be LGBTQ or talk about it favourably in any way
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Oh hey, it's been almost 2 years since my last post. *looks at last post* Oh shit.

Well, In those two years i've gone through 2 jobs (both infosec related) and am currently funemployed in Wellington NZ.

Posting here because i've just randomly going through old Rick Emerson things from when I was living in Portland, OR, given the current events in the US. x.x
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So it turns out that Cyanogenmod's updater uses http and is vulnerable to MITM attacks.

If you use Cyanogenmod, read the above and don't use the built in updater!
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Ohh, a post!
Spent the last few days down south at a scout campsite outside of Wellington, with no cell reception with a bunch of NZ furs.
Besides the rain and being tired from lack of sleep, a good time was had! Just what I needed as a chance to get away from technology for a few days.

Got new job starting near the end of this month, been at the old one for nearly six years and and the whole being bought out by a big US company and a few other things there are making it kinda meh, so should be a good change..

Living in Auckland with lyctiger now, other than those two changes, not much has been going on I guess! Still single/kinda looking but not, need to cut my mullet hair (again), got lots of shineys to play with..
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Ugh, so sick of these allergies/antihistamines that sort of work! *goes to bed*
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So, according to this Catholic Priest, women bring rape on themselves...

"How often do we see girls and mature women going around scantily dressed and in provocative clothes?" Piero Corsi said in a Christmas message posted on the door of his church in the small town of San Terenzio in northwest Italy.
"They provoke the worst instincts, which end in violence or sexual abuse. They should search their consciences and ask: did we bring this on ourselves?" it read.
"The fact is that women are increasingly provocative, they become arrogant, they believe themselves to be self-sufficient and end up exacerbating the situation," he said.
"Are women themselves not causing harm by unveiling themselves like this?"

Replace girls/women with boys/men, then see how that sounds!
You're a goddam sentient being, how about not acting on "worst instincts" and simply NOT RAPING PEOPLE.
They didn't fucking bring this on themselves, another (male) sentient being CHOSE to violate another being!
I can only assume this priest is a hypocrite like the rest of them and is actually dicking some young boys on side and then spouting this crap.

Women are provocative?! They are and can be self-sufficient! They have the right to do so!
If you think that other sentient beings don't deserve the right to self-determination, then you need to look at yourself and hey, maybe YOU don't deserve the right to determine your own destiny.
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Wow, it's been over a year since I posted here.

Still alive! Doing OKish, it's spring now, so omgpollenfuckingmysinuses.
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Emotion + cold hard logic = boom. Sometimes I wish Prozium was real.


Sep. 4th, 2011 03:55 am
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I think i'm Done. (And here I am not quite 30, suprised I lasted this long, although I shouldn't be suprised, niave old me.)
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Raptured yay!

Wait no, still here and the internet still sucks which means all the christians didn't get raptured. God Dammnit!
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Another Earthquake in New Zealand. I'm OK, again it was another quake in Christchurch, no where near me.

But this one was worse than the last one, despite being a 6.3 (The last one in September was 7.1) but only 5km depth, 10km outside of Christchurch.

Fortuantly i've heard from my family and friends in Christchurch, they're all OK.
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Oh Hai LJ.

Meme time!
"Movies you would watch while drunk, then have sex to after watching still while drunk."

I think the only movie i've done this to is Spaceballs XD
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Ohyeah, it's 2011 already!
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Quick furconz review:
- Managed to take lots of anti-histamines. I think I ended up halucinating once or twice. The sunglasses I wore most of the time helped with my eyes a bit!
- Didn't get drunk. Woo.
- Food was good. Ended up with sirlion steak, spaghetti bolagnase, mild chicken curry for dinners. Sandwiches etc for lunches and some stuff I forget for breakfast.
- Hookahs are awesome. Depressed people getting drunk and trying to steal booze, me twinging my shoulder trying to keep them from stealing said booze is not. DRAMA.
- Went kayaking and on a ~4 hour hike. Those were awesome.
- Redtail decided to rope a bunch of people into building a raft using 2x4s and 40 gallon barrels to make a raft in the pool below the water falls as fun to watch.
- Managed not to get sunburnt, applied lots of sunscreen!
- Singstar was fun, Sunday night.
- Spent Friday running around before the con picking stuff up, loading stuff etc. Again, had lots of time to setup Friday evening. Stood around for a few hours waiting till the 'con opened XD
- RAGE BEATLES. Damn huhu grubs.
- Picked up some thinkgeek shirts at the 'con. The XKCD "Im about to do SCIENCE" shirt and a "cd /pub" shirt. Also picked up some commisions. (below)
- Saw a whole bunch of people I hadn't seen since last year! Good to see you all again. Hopefully will get to see some of you again before next years. XD
- Was completely wiped out Monday/tuesday! I ended up having muscle lag, I would go to move a limb and it would take a second for said limbs to move. That was weird.
Final attendance: 66
Full registrations (staying at the Lodge over the weekend): 65
Day passes: 1

And more even more statistics:
Oldest attendee: 43 years old
Youngest attendee: 16 years old
Average age of our attendees: 25 years old
Male attendees: 53
Female attendees: 13

From Phone
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Mah new license plat surround:

Just because I like to screw with people..

Also apparently FA admins close down journal entries that "harass christians". pfft, whatever. Lame.

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Ohh look! New Ian M Banks novel is out!
Surface Detail.. There's even a kindle version, yay!

Not avaliable in my location? The ELECTRONIC VERSION??
*pirates instead*

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Going for a drive.. need to find somewhere with no light, probably best place is somewhere near home, plenty of darkness there....
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Hmm. pain (physical) can be just as exhillerating as pleasure. Not that I get much of the latter anymore.
Also <3 anti-septic spray, gotta make sure those cuts are clean!
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I hope I never run out of good things to read, because it would be the death of me.

OTOH, there's always more crazy ass religious things to learn about. Although, that might just lead to more rage...


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